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  • Free Event Submission: Online Registration & Ticketing


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     30 days

    This package allows you to submit an event FOR FREE! If this is a ticketed or registration only event, Fee structures are as follows: 1.) Pass on Credit Card Processing Fees of 3% to customer. 2.) Pass on Service Fee of 2.5% per ticket. 3.) Pass on Credit Card and Service Fee to customer at 5.5% of Ticket Price. 4. Free events carry no fees.
  • Custom Event Website, Newsletter & Marketing Campaign


    Single Submission

     30 days


    Dedicated Custom Email Newsletter Custom 1 Page Website for your Event See Example here: http://www. 2 Text Message Push Notifications Promotion Via Social Media & Email Facilitate Online Ticket Sales: Processing Fee is 2.5% of Ticket Price. Facilitate Online Registration FREE for Free Events!
  • Recurring & Multiple Event Package (Real Promo)



     30 days


     30 days

    1 Month


    Text Push Notifications Social Media Posts Custom Event Website & Newsletter Custom Logo on Online Tickets All the features of the " The Slow Start Promo Package" See details here :
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